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The Primary Program

The program facilitates families to get alternative citizenship, along with traveling without any obligations. They can move around the globe and settle in the place of their choice. There are more than 100 countries who have investment migration legislation in place, out of which 30 countries have the residence/citizenship-by-investment program sustained firmly. The hard work behind the success of some of these citizenship programs is International Passport who work tirelessly to make it possible for their clients. Other than individuals and families, wealthy individuals and families are also opting to avail this opportunity and get alternative citizenship under the services of International Passport.


Citizenship-by-Investment Planning

International Passport being the world-beater, has expertise in the area of citizenship Planning. The clients vary from wealthy individuals and families to private wealth advisors, all over the world.

Why Citizenship-by-Investment?

Acquisition of citizenship has become relatively easy for people who are wealthy and do not necessarily pertain to long-term residency in several countries. Many other countries have begun to follow

Important Points

The term citizenship holds great significance as it defines the nationality of an individual in its full form. Not only does citizenship makes an individual closer to the sovereign state but also provides a variety

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