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Citizenship-by-Investment Planning –A brief Overview

International-Passports being the world-beater has expertise in the area of citizenship Planning. The clients vary from wealthy individuals and families to private wealth advisors, all over the world. The reliable and hassle-free process is a validation of long-term clients who blindly count on our services. We put forward the most convenient and feasible citizenship-by-investment programs for them to avail themselves alternative citizenship.

Working on the same goal, our teams have worked hard in catering to thousands of clients, making it possible to have them the best citizenship and alternative residence. Moreover, we have the responsibility of foreign direct investments, worldwide, which is up to 10 billion USD.

Global Residence and Citizenship Handbook –is a well-founded guide for our private clients, governments, and wealth management professionals. The guide has relevance with all the countries worldwide and is annually updated to not miss out on any releases.

International-Passports is globally known for being the only advising hub for citizenship programs, be it for private, individual, and management professional clients. In addition to serving a vast category of clients, we stand out for advising on projects from strategic consulting to design, implementation, and operation of the most preferred investment-related residence and citizenship programs.

Private Clients

In the rapidly developing world today, having citizenship in more than one country promotes freedom, security, and gives a lot more opportunities that one can have. International-Passports has the best matching programs to find the right place for you under their expert advisory team, and exemplary assistance with clients.

The teams working for International-Passports work with making every decision worth it for their clients. From beginning to the end, you receive expert advice based on years of experience, a personal advisor is allotted who works day and night to help you throughout the process of citizenship. Every single client is provided with specialists where they work together in correspondence to consider every perspective of every minor detail of a client.

Our goal is not just to develop the right citizenship program for our clients but to take things smoothly and step by step by a proper plan of action, implementation, and about right execution at every single stage. The strategies built for every client individually make sure that situations are individually analyzed and worked upon effectively for the desired outcome. Our skilful team and years of experience enable us to quickly accomplish the government procedures on behalf of our clients.

Wealth Management Professionals

Our services do not only limit to individuals and families but and extended to their related personnel as well. Our clients include the wealth management professionals who rely on us for their citizenship. We provide services such as:

  • Comparative citizenship law.
  • Relinquishment of citizenship.
  • Acquisition of citizenship based on residence, ancestry, or citizenship-by-investment.

International-Passports is a surplus for other firms who work on advising international clients, for the services we provide. We work as a helping hand for law firms, private banks, family offices, and several wealth management professionals with minor and crucial details required in outlining portfolios for clients.


The area of expertise that inflicts with governments targets to develop favorable conditions for foreign direct investments through design, implementation and operation of investment migration which includes residence and citizenship programs. The aim is to pull international entrepreneurs and investors by planning strategies to enhance the country’s image. International Passport has not only designed and implemented the most successful citizenship programs all over the world but also is responsible for more than 10 billion foreign direct investments, which makes it the most reliable citizenship program adviser.