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Our Services

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International Passport service provides their high-maintenance clients with residence facility along with the citizenship-by-investment program, all with means of collaboration with governments of different countries around the world. This particular feasibility enables their travel freedom and promotes free will to move towards a better future.


With rapid growth all over the place, the needs of a person as an individual and as a family member have increased when it comes to having global access to the necessities of life. These basic requirements include accessibility to business, quality education, career growth, and most priorly improved lifestyle. Many of the nationals do not want to stay under the imposed laws unwillingly in their homelands, which makes alternative citizenship a better way out. Having an alternative residence plays a big role here and gives one the legal right to move and settle under their flexibility to the place of their choice.

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Our clients vary from higher to upper higher class of business professionals, individuals, families, entrepreneurs, investors, top-level managers, the media industry, and the sports world. Moreover, our services are availed by private banks, consulting and law firms, family offices, professionals who have deals with the wealth management industry. Over the years of journey, we have always received positive feed backs from this huge classification of clients.


The procedure followed by our firm focuses majorly on holding onto trouble-free circumstances when it comes to foreign direct investment by the design, implementation, and operation of investment migration programs. Our goal is directed on maintaining the country’s economic reputation to attract market competitive entrepreneurs and investors. We have been able to pull off more than 10 billion USD in foreign direct investment, and also design, co-advise, and implement the most successful residence and citizenship program around the globe.

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