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What is a Residence-by-Investment Plan

International Passport has extraordinarily led several residence-by-Investment plans over the years. We offer private residency advisoryand services to our clients so they could experience the best quality of life alongside suitable business environment and acquisition of citizenship by the state.

Residence Planning

In Australia, the visa subclass is prescribed a criterion that must be met by the visa applicants. It involves two main criteria namely, ‘at time of lodgment’ and ‘at time of decision’. The criteria can also include both criteria for certain applicants. The candidate must meet the criteria and submit application accordingly or else, it could be rejected by the state. For each visa subclass, the candidate must satisfy the requirement of character, public interest and health criteria correctly.

Services offered to our private clients

For a talented individual, there is no harm in expanding his life horizon to more than one country. Citizenship and Residency bring security and a sense of freedom to anyone who has a broader perspective about life and privacy. With [Company Name], our clients can obtain expert advice on citizenship and residency in another state and how they can acquire it under legal aspects.

At International Passport, you will be promised to encounter the best strategic approach to reach your goal. We work with our clients as a team and assess their situations with the help of specialists to ensure that every intimate detail of our clients’case is covered. Our skilled panel of individuals fill you in with all the necessary services and strategies being added to the plan every step of the way. For further assistance and isolated advice, you can refer to the personal advisor as well

As far as setting up a business in a new state is concerned, you can start laying the foundation by joining hands with real estate professionals, tax experts, lawyers and bankers. Being our client, we will help you expand your network in the state and give you the right advice for your situation to ensure that your new environment is secure and suitable for you.

Services offered to wealth management professionals

We work with hundreds of families and clients that operate privately daily to help them find international residence solutions in assistance with their advisors and our skilled panel.

Our clients range from top-notch law firms to family offices and private banks, where we offer our advisory and services regularly.Other than that, we use our resources and extensive network to assist wealth management professionals in terms of immigration process, relocation or even wealth planning strategies for their personal clients.

Services offered to governments

International Passport actively participates in government decisions pertaining to direct investment and other related programs. We offer our advisory and services to government agencies majorly in the area of investment migration programs where we put forth favorable points that could benefit country’s economy and make the country an economic attraction for international investors. For more information, click here.

Multiple options for multiple complexities

The possibility of obtaining a residence permit is as high as starting a company, establishing a branch, investing in a business or even establishing a subsidiary of a foreign firm. If you are an independent individual who satisfies the demands of an independent resident, there is a decent chance that you will obtain the residence permit.
Unlike such countries, many states observe complex laws and residence procedures that can appear as intimidating for most applicants. Usually, these applicants have little to no knowledge about the legal aspects of their case.
However, the addition of a skilled and experienced specialist can turn around the situation for the applicant’s case very easily. With the help of professionals, resources, network and experienced panel, the applicant can have a relatively high chance of obtaining the residence permit.